Adopting An Abundance Mindset and Leaving Behind the Scarcity Mindset in 2022

Aaron Bouren
4 min readMar 8, 2022

I recently talked to a client, and we talked about how scary the world is right now. I noticed something about the direction the call was going. I saw the presence of the scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset is a way of thinking that tends to focus on the lack of something or many things in one’s life. (Usually, the focus is on time or money) and the focus becomes so strong it is almost like an obsession. It’s hard to see the world any other way, no matter how much effort the person puts. Do you know anyone like this? Perhaps even yourself if you are willing to admit it. It can lead to failure, fear, and unhappiness. It holds people back, and I talk to my team about this. Don’t spend time on a scarcity mindset, and don’t spend time with people who have one.

What is the alternative?

Maybe you realize you have a scarcity mindset but don’t know how to change. Do you know what the opposite of scarcity stinkin’ thinking is? It’s thinking in abundance. The abundance mindset allows us to have hope, joy, and significance. Abundance thinking is what successful business people and leaders use every day, even in a scary world. It can help eliminate fear and doubt and win at facing adversity.

Mindset Matters.

Do you know anyone with an abundance mindset? Look for a generous person with optimism. Usually, they leave you feeling charged up, maybe offering words of encouragement. A person with this mindset treats everyone with mutual respect most of the time. Do people walk away from this type of person feeling good or bad? Do you notice your mood elevating? It’s the abundance mindset spreading joy to all who encounter it. Do you think spreading joy attracts negative or positive reactions?

Positive reactions fuel this abundance thinker. It’s a win-win.

How about the scarcity mindset? Do you know anyone who operates with one? Often the characteristics resemble a hoarder. These people tend to be much less generous and complain constantly. When you walk away, you likely leave this person feeling tired, drained, and maybe even depressed or scared. Like the abundance mindset thinker, you will notice that the scarcity thinker is like this with everyone. People might even talk about how draining they are behind this person’s back. It’s a lose-lose.

Scarcity VS. Abundance

Scarcity thinkers:

  • Nothing is enough. They hoard thoughts, things, and ideas.
  • They are unlikely to share wisdom, trusted contacts, and empathy.
  • Don’t trust others often and find it challenging to build new relationships.
  • Resent competitors, and don’t network them. They believe there isn’t enough room in the industry for both of them.
  • Try to get by with as little effort, investment, and resources as possible.
  • Are pessimistic thinkers
  • Have a negative mindset and believe that as difficult as things have been, it’s about to worsen.
  • Avoid taking risks and are self-limiting.
  • Think they are correct, and everyone else is wrong.

Abundance thinkers:

  • Believe there’s plenty of room for competition, sharing ideas, and networking.
  • Share their wisdom, trusted contacts, and empathy with others.
  • Trust first and build relationships with ease.
  • Welcome competition, love to network and learn from others, and are not afraid of co-existing in the industry together.
  • Be ready to go the distance and do whatever it takes for success. This usually means spending time, money, and energy.
  • Are optimistic about the future, believing the best is yet to come.
  • Embrace risks and are willing to try new things.
  • Have a heart of gratitude.

How does the scale balance?

Do you have a little of both mindsets within you? Most people do. It doesn’t have to be black and white one way or the other, but I will encourage you to move your mindset toward the abundance mindset consciously. Wear your heart on your sleeve and throw away the self-limiting fear. I believe in. you and your ability to balance yourself. I know right now the world is a scary place. But you have the power to let it control you or not. Don’t let the scarcity mentality rob you of all the potential and greatness headed your way.

It might take a change of heart, but you can do it. Make the conscious effort today, and watch your transformation unfold (Even in these crazy uncertain times!)

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