Seeing The Best In Others

Aaron Bouren
4 min readMar 14, 2022


It has been a little while since I’ve blogged about positivity. I tend to use positivity in my posts, but it hasn’t been the direct focus. I started to write this a while back, and I’ve been meaning to come back to it. I focus on sales and the sales process in blogging, but as I talked to my team, I knew this needed to be my blog post for the week.

I started off talking to my team member about how we judge people. We tend to judge a book by its cover from strangers to prospects, and we need to stop this! Instead, I suggested that we focus on the person’s positive qualities. Seeing the good in others works for new connections and relationships we already have formed, and it will strengthen the relationship and take a lot of stress off you.

Focusing On Positive Qualities

It’s natural for us to see negative in people. We focus on what irritates us, why we are correct, and the other person is wrong, what we would change, and even criticize appearances. It is something one must work at STOPPING. Even if you find something, you don’t like about the other person, finding positive qualities is a great activity to practice. The more you do it, the easier it will be, and you’ll notice that you see less and less negative in others. Seeing the best in others is like working out a muscle. At first, it might be difficult and uncomfortable, leaving a soreness and lingering energy zap that is not easy. But soon, you’ll notice a strength you never had before- and it will get easier and more accessible. You’ll find you like people more and are less irritated and annoyed by others. People will enjoy your subtle, kind energy. You’ll like yourself more, and you’ll worry less if at all about what others are thinking about YOU because you’re thinking has changed.

I’m not saying you will love every person you meet, work with, or have as a client- if you did, that would be weird. But searching for positive qualities in others helps you see the good in others and helps reframe your thinking. When you search for and catch the best in others, you learn more, grow more, and have more friends. People will like YOU more, too; it’s subconscious, but trust me, people sense what energy you’re putting out there. You needn’t be friends with everyone but focus on being friendly and open-minded. The residual side effects are significant too. You’ll notice you listen better, your tone changes, you will be perceived as a kind person (because you are!), and you’ll receive more respect- because you’re giving more consideration to others.

So, focusing on the positive qualities of others is your first “flex,” but don’t forget that refraining from judgment is equally essential. No one wants to feel like a know-it-all or judge is breathing down their neck; I know I don’t. Sometimes someone is having a bad moment or even a bad day, and you might have just caught them in an ugly light. Showing empathy instead of judgment is a great way to conduct yourself. You never know what someone is going through. Everyone is going through something, I can promise you. So, refrain from judging, and you’ll soon see the best in others.

Refrain From Judgement

I know it’s much easier said than done, refraining from judgment. We tend to jump to conclusions, and instead of giving others the benefit of the doubt- judge and then expect a fancy excuse or story. You might not be getting the complete picture, and you rarely get the whole picture. So instead of thinking you understand everything going on, think about how much better it would be to give others respect and kindness.

One big way to see the best in others is to listen to them. Always remember there is more to the story than what you are getting. Search for positive qualities and extend your respect. Your ability to find the best in others will shape your day, week, month, year, success, and friendships/relationships. You have to be genuine, but you will transform your life if you are. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true!

Have you been fair with others? Did you give them the benefit of the doubt or extend judgment? Do you focus on positive qualities or get annoyed quickly? It’s never too late to change how you operate.

I’m hoping by reading this week; you’ll feel inspired to make a change and start seeing the best in others. It’s easy to do and easy not to do. Leap forward with this self-improving concept, and let me know how it goes. You got this!

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