Success Secrets From Santa

Aaron Bouren
4 min readDec 25, 2020

Who better to take some business advice from than the Jolly elf from the north pole, who has been in business for YEARS, and everyone is happy to see him! Elves don’t complain about work conditions and work great in teams. They are so excited about their quality work and look up to their boss with respect and admiration! Santa always delivers on time and is one of the world’s best leaders with some serious work ethic, in my opinion! So grab your favorite cookie and read on!

Santa’s Secret #1: Rudolph
Santa is excellent at making sure all of his employees and team members feel like a part of the mission. He took the one person on the team that no one thought was good enough and turned his weakness into his greatest strength. A good leader will always set up the team for success by putting them in the right roles. The leader will see past the weakness and use it as a strength. Casting vision on the entire team with the red glow of your employee’s nose is bound to show everyone that everyone has a skill worth using, and that is what matters! Everyone has a Rudolph or two in their lives. Instead of pointing the finger at them, dig a little deeper, and get creative with them. They just might become your best asset!

Santa’s Secret #2: Jolly Vibes
Santa’s nickname “Jolly Saint Nick” proves that he was excellent under pressure. He motivates and inspires the elves to work hard all year, and he keeps track of all the good and bad children. He knows what they want for a gift, keeps inventory, and makes sure he all delivers ALL the gifts on time. That is a lot of management and organizing! The point is, the right attitude goes a long way in the workplace. Everyone is happy and willing to work hard when the boss is jolly!

Santa’s Secret #3: Be Bold
Santa isn’t very subtle. He wears a bright red suit and doesn’t complain about a little soot!
I wonder if since red is the color of passion, and he is 100% passionate about his mission, he chose this for the color he wears. It’s undeniable Santa loves what he does! He inspires the elves to work all year round at the north pole- which is a very chilly place! He isn’t afraid to work late alongside his team, and he sets expectations with clear instructions and deadlines. Being bold and having confidence in the group is a considerable feat. Santa slays it with his ability to share his passion with the team and then let them do what they do best.

I feel there is a lot to learn from this business owner as he can inspire and stay inspired and do so with a smile on his face and some cookies in his belly.
Perhaps there is something to be said about a guy who keeps track if you’re good or bad, but not bypassing the child altogether, but still delivering something… Perhaps a lump of coal to remind us that the “nice” list starts fresh each year, and we can turn it into something useful. Diamonds, after all, begin the same way. We can shine anytime.

I hope you can learn a little something from the leadership skills Santa Claus displays. He has inspired me to set clear expectations with my team and make sure they are all appreciated for their unique ability to help the mission. I feel ready to be even more task-focused this year and put others first like never before. If Santa can put the needs of children around the world ahead of his list of endless demands, I too can see how my team needs me before I ask for one more thing.
Maybe I’ll even go shopping for a bright red blazer or tacky holiday sweater. Indeed, Santa has a lot to teach us about running a successful business and leadership, and that’s the most fantastic present I could ask for from him.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my friends, family, and team!

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