Unleashing Your Inner Titan: Making the Second Half of 2023 Your Masterpiece

Aaron Bouren
3 min readJun 5, 2023

Hello, Champions!

We are at the halfway point of an extraordinary year, 2023, a year that has been as unpredictable as it’s been exhilarating. As we prepare to embrace the second half, I wish to invite reflection, ignite courage, and above all, cheer you on. So, fasten your seat belts; this journey promises to be a thrilling ride, with a few bumps, yet filled with immense learning and growth opportunities.

If your experience of 2023 has felt a bit topsy-turvy, more like the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ than the ‘Eiffel Tower’, or if your plans have twisted and turned more than a pretzel, you’re not alone. Welcome to the ‘Human Club’, a club that recognizes our shared humanity in facing challenges and making adjustments along the way. We’re not robots, we’re beautifully human, capable of growth and adaptation.

If your goals have been quietly sitting in the back of your mind, gathering metaphorical dust much like an unused gym membership, it’s time to revisit them. Goals, contrary to fine wine, don’t age well. They’re similar to the groceries in your fridge; if ignored for too long, they may spoil. Dust off those dreams and polish them until they shine again.

And let’s address failure. The unavoidable companion of our attempts to succeed. We’ve all been there; you set a goal, and it doesn’t materialize as you envisioned. It’s a universal experience, like walking into a glass door. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, brace yourself, it’s part of the process. And remember, the only true failure is in not making the attempt.

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about the path forward. As we stand at the threshold of the second half of this year, I want you to internalize this: You. Can. Do. This. Yes, I mean you! The one snacking while reading this, unsure if you’re included in this call to action. Yes, you are!

You possess more power and potential than you realize. Within you lies an untapped reservoir of talent and ingenuity. Maybe there’s an inner Einstein, waiting to innovate, or perhaps an inner Julia Child, ready to create culinary magic. The point is, the possibilities within you are endless, and it’s time to unlock them.

The upcoming half of the year is not just a collection of dates; it’s a blank canvas waiting for your unique strokes. You are the Picasso of your life, ready to paint your masterpiece. Remember, Picasso didn’t become famous by following a formula; he dared to think and act differently, and so can you.

So, let’s stand tall, remember our dreams, and acknowledge our resilience. No matter how many challenges you’ve encountered in the first half, you’re still standing. Borrowing from the ’90s band Chumbawamba: “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down.”

You are all capable of greatness. You are persistent. You are resilient. And hey, you’ve got style! So, let’s face the second half of 2023 not with apprehension, but with a spirit of resolve that would make a Spartan warrior proud. Believe in yourself, as I believe in you.

Let’s forge ahead, taking each day as an opportunity to do something remarkable. Let’s seize the day and remember, every day is a perfect day to be amazing.

Yours in Success and Slightly Exaggerated Humor,

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Aaron Bouren

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