Welcome the Weird of COVID-19

  • Connection with loved ones looks very different right now. But you don’t have to give it up or sacrifice it. Zoom face to face, schedule a call, start a Facebook group, or sit outside at the park 6-feet apart in lawn chairs. You can connect with whomever you want, and you can also cut the cord on toxic relationships from the past. Connect with only those who make you happy and value you.
  • Spontaneity. Do you remember just scheduling a weekend excursion or maybe even just pulling over to the next store that called your name? Now it seems you need to calculate everything. “Do I really need X? What else do I need to make the trip worthwhile? Can I wait until next week? Is travel worth the risk? Is travel worth the stress?” So many questions and planning, it robs you the joy of being spontaneous and fun. Have you heard “the best things in life are free”? Now more than ever, put this to practice. Take a drive and let the car tell you where to go. Find a new place to go camping or hiking, or even get takeout from somewhere you’ve never tried. Think outside the box, and soon your clipped wings will be taking you to new heights.
  • Count your blessings. Teach your kids (and yourself) you’re blessed, even in this season of life. Right now, there are so many people hurting and suffering. One way to count blessings is to start a gratitude journal. But there are also ways to give back to the community, and soon won’t even notice the inconveniences of COVID-19. Some ideas: bake for a neighbor, make/send a card to a nursing home, donate blood or platelets, sew masks, knit blankets/socks for the homeless, clean out the closet or attic or basement and make a donation to a shelter, or foster a pet. The key is to take the focus off yourself and place the love onto others.
  • Your mental health. Some days you might binge Netflix, you might be planning the next big business idea the following days. Know that you can do whatever suits you at the moment. Take the opportunity we are in to learn a new skill or hobby (skillshare is excellent!) or to unwind with the Tiger King (no judgment here!). The choice is yours, and you don’t have to do one or the other! There’s room for both.



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Aaron Bouren

Aaron Bouren


Aaron Bouren, CEO of Bouren Ventures, is an entrepreneur, public speaker, sales trainer, and marketing expert. Learn more at aaronbouren.com