What is Credit Card “Shimming”?

Shimming vs. Skimming

How Does Credit Card Shimming Work?

How to Keep Your Cards Secure

  • Consider contactless payment. The best way to protect against physical devices that steal your card information is to simply avoid them altogether. Contactless payment-like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay-make paying simple and streamlined.
  • Choose your ATM strategically. Only use ATMs that are in high-traffic areas or banks to reduce the chances of them being compromised.
  • Check for tampering. Wiggle the card reader or slot before inserting your card. A traditional skimmer will come off. If your card doesn’t go into the slot smoothly, this could be a sign of a shim inside. Consider choosing a different ATM.
  • Be cautious at the pump. If you choose to pay at the pump, choose a pump that is closest to the store and in direct view of an employee. If you’re skeptical, the safest option may be to pay the attendant inside.

What To Do If You Are A Victim of Fraud

  1. Contact your credit card issuer right away. They will cancel your card access and send you a new card if needed.
  2. Call the business where you think the shimming happened so that they can check their card readers for signs of tampering.
  3. Alert your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission. They may be able to notice a wider pattern and stop other consumers from becoming victims.



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Aaron Bouren

Aaron Bouren


Aaron Bouren, CEO of Bouren Ventures, is an entrepreneur, public speaker, sales trainer, and marketing expert. Learn more at aaronbouren.com